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Organisation de séjour pêche à la carpe en France (pour les Anglais).
Les destination de pêche de la carpe en France? réservation, tarifs, les vidéos ...

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: 20-12-2013

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New Lake Records at Glehias
Tracy and Lee own Glehias in France, a venue which consists of two lakes, one for carp (and some rather sizeable catfish!), the other for coarse fish. This is a paradise for small groups who want a French fishing venue exclusively to themselves...

The Session of a Lifetime at Villefond
A simply incredible 24hrs of carp fishing on Villefond lake. A run of huge carp for lake owner Mark which saw 50’s, 60’s and an 80lber on the bank. Watch the full session video below. The most unbelievably lucky 24 hours of fishing. That’s...

The History of Alder and Notaires Lakes
Chris and Steph made the move out to France fourteen years ago, purchasing a 75 acre estate in Creuse, central France. This estate contained a couple of lakes which were to become two very successful carp fishing venues – Alder and Notaires....

Lockdown at Barringtons
Barry and Yve are the proud owners of 8 acre French carp lake Barringtons. This Spring is looking very different to those before it, with France and the UK on lockdown, which means this fishery isn’t currently able to welcome carp anglers as...

Picking the Right Swim on a Carp Lake
When you arrive at your chosen carp lake, one of your first priorities is to choose your swim for the session. Particularly if you are fishing abroad, this may be the first time you have seen the lake. When picking a swim it’s essential to focus...

Don’t Fancy A Long Drive? 4 Carp Fishing Lakes Near Calais
The following four carp fishing lakes in Northern France are all under three hours drive from the port of Calais. So if you don’t fancy a long drive on the other side, they might just be the right lake for you… 1. Molyneux Molyneux is based in...

So you want to buy a carp lake in France? 8 things you should know!
We’ve resurrected this blog post written by Gareth Watkins a while back. We get a lot of questions passed our way regarding how to run successful carp lakes in France, this blog post helps to answer them… One of the subjects I see come up...

Carp fishing watercraft – do you make these mistakes?
Watercraft is, I believe, something you either have or you haven’t! It’s a bit like having an eye for taking a photograph, or a talent for driving a car. Some people are naturals and others will have to put more effort in to learning. So it is...

Seven Secrets to Catching Carp
Carp fishing is not rocket science. We are trying to catch a fish. But this fish is a master of its environment and can adapt extremely well to angler pressure, however with a little thought and effort though we can stack the chances back on our...

10 Essential Items Of Carp Fishing Tackle
Other than your carp fishing rods, reels, buzzers and bivvy, there are several items of tackle that despite their relative insignificance I’d be hard pressed to fish without when I venture abroad on my carp fishing holiday in France. Some items...

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