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Zoom Bait Société - Fabricant de leurre en plastique mou leader dans l'industrie de la pêche du Black Bass. Un choix de leurres souples de plus de 350 couleurs pour d'adapter à chaque situation. Catalogue et nuancier en ligne. Galerie photos et fiche technique de chaque leurre.

URL du site : http://zoombait.com/
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: 16-01-2014

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Zoom Pros Bassmaster Elite Series – Santee Cooper
Congratulations to our Bassmaster Elite Zoom Pros who participated in the Santee Cooper tournament! Our Zoom Pro, Patrick Walters finished 11th on his home pond. Check out some of the images below featuring some of our baits they used and their...

Zoom Pros Bassmaster Elite Series – Lake Guntersville
Congratulations to our Bassmaster Elite Zoom Pros who participated in the Lake Guntersville tournament! Our Zoom Pros, Wes Logan finished 4th and Brandon Cobb finished 8th! Zoom Bait

Morrow Squeaks Out Norman Win
Zoom Pro Troy Morrow had an incredibly successful weekend on Lake Norman. Using the Zoom Boot Tail Fluke and Zoom Finesse Worm, Morrow secured his win, bringing home his first Toyota Series Trophy. Read below for more on his exciting weekend. Zoom...

Zoom Pro Patrick Walters’ Seals Victory At Bassmaster Eastern Open On Hartwell
Zoom Bait Company would like to congratulate Patrick Walters on his incredible win on Lake Hartwell! Patrick spent a lot of time using the Zoom Super Fluke along with the Zoom Fluke Stick to secure his win. Read below to find out more! Making a...

NEW Zoom Long Sleeve T-Shirt….. Just in Time for Fall!
Zoom Bait

Zoom Pros Bassmaster Elite Series – Lake St. Clair
Congratulations to our Bassmaster Elite Zoom Pros who participated in the Lake St. Clair tournament! Check out some of the images below featuring some of our baits they used and their catches. Zoom Bait

Zoom Pros – St. Lawrence River & Lake Champlain
It was so great to see our Zoom Pros out on the water for the 2020 Bassmaster Elite Tournament on the St. Lawrence River and the 2020 Bassmaster Elite at Lake Champlain. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them on the water. Check out some of the...

Zoom Pros | FLW Super Tournament on Lake Chickamauga
We are so excited that we were able to have our Zoom Pros here for the FLW Chickamauga Tournament! Featured in the images below are Wesley Strader, Andy Morgan, Casey Ashley, Josh Weaver and David Williams. Zoom Bait

Zoom Zlinky Review
We’re in a bit of a tackle war in the bass fishing world these days. Companies are constantly sprinting to come up with new baits and to put their own spin on proven classics. Rarely do the new spins work as well as the originators of each...

Congratulations to Zoom Pro Buddy Gross!
Zoom Bait Company would like to congratulate Buddy Gross on his incredible win on Lake Eufaula. Buddy started his week probing the brush with a Zoom Swimmer in the Tennessee shad color and Zoom Super Chunk in Green Pumpkin. Check out some of the...

Zoom Pros | Heavy Hitters
Congratulations to all of our Zoom Pros at the Heavy Hitters MLF tournament on the Kissimmee Chain! It was great to see some of our guys on the water again. Below are images of Wesley Strader, Andy Morgan, Randall Tharp, and Casey Ashley. Zoom Bait

Bassmaster Elite Series – Lake Eufaula
Congratulations to all of those that participated in the Bassmaster Elite Series Tournament on Lake Eufaula! It was great to see everyone’s phenomenal catches, along with the baits that were used. Below are some wonderful moments that were...

Tharp Calls it “More Versatile” Than Any Other Lure Zoom Bait Company’s Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw has long been both a superstar and a utility player in the world of bass fishing. It may be compact, but over the years it has produced many big...

The Perfect “In-Between” Size for Both Numbers and Giants Zoom Bait Company’s U-Tale Worm may be the most universally beloved soft plastic worm on the planet, responsible for novices’ first fish and high-level tournament wins alike. There...

A Floating Worm – Why you need it! | Plus underwater footage
This is what it looks like with a great underwater view of what the floating worm looks like to the fish and why it's such an effective way to catch bass in this scenario. Jason Sealock from Wired2Fish describes how he fishes this bait. Zoom Bait

ZOOM Adds Poppin’ Frog to Topwater Collection
Walks, Chugs, and Spits Like Nothing Else In response to the overwhelming popularity of the company’s Hollow Body Frog released last fall and the subsequent release of the smaller Hollow Body Frog Jr., Zoom Bait Company hereby announces the...

Zoom Pros at Lake Fork
Congratulations to all of our Zoom Pros at the MLF tournament on Lake Fork. Below are images of Wesley Strader, Andy Morgan, Randall Tharp, and Casey Ashley.  Zoom Bait

Zoom Pros at the Bassmaster Classic!
Congratulations to all of our Zoom Pros who were in the Bassmaster Classic! They all did a fantastic job! Below are some awesome shots of Brandon Cobb, Todd Auten, Patrick Walters, Jason Williamson, and Brian Snowden! Check out the gallery below...

Zoom Pros at Lake Okeechobee
Congratulations to all of our Zoom Pros at last week’s MLF tournament on Lake Okeechobee. Check out some of the images below which include some awesome shots of Andy Morgan, Marty Robinson and Randall Tharp who finished 4th! Zoom Bait

ZOOM Adds Junior Size To Popular Hollow Belly Frog
Zoom Bait Company announces the release of the new Hollow Belly Frog Jr., a smaller version of the groundbreaking soft-bodied topwater. It offers the same great “walk the dog” action and the same high hookup percentage, but in a downsized...

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