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Samurai Fishing Rods est un fabricants de canne à pêche de haute qualité. Présentation de la gamme de cannes à pêche, avec descriptifs, caractéristiques techniques et photos. Blog de pêche, gallerie photo ...


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: 28-03-2016

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Megabass Anthrax 83 – twitch it, pop it, crank it, wake it!
By Mat Cameron Even for the high standards and levels of ingenuity from Megabass, the Anthrax is nothing short of outstanding. It is arguably the most versatile surface lure on the market, which is of great benefit for the angler as the retrieve...

Rod Review: Samurai Infinite FIN-6-F69 2-6lb
Samurai Infinite FIN-6-F69 Apart from how well this rod presents, the first thing you will notice when you pick this rod up is how ridiculously light it is. It is like no other rod I have felt in it’s class. The skeleton grip setup not only...

New Samurai Cruiser Travel Rods
The new Samurai Cruiser Travel rods have now officially been released on the market and to say that I am impressed is a massive understatement. This rod adds to, and complements the 9 other existing models in the legendary Samurai stable. So,...

Samurai X-tracta Pop! What a Rod
In the last few months I have been lucky enough to test out the new Samurai X-tracta Pop 100. At first glance I noticed the cosmetic detailing, wow! It’s one good-looking piece of gear. The second thing I noticed was when handling the rod, how...

To Infinity and Beyond!
by Luke Galea Two weeks ago I had a very memorable freshwater kayak fishing session. It was freak’n awesome. I actually identified a very large freshwater pool on google earth but to get to it, I had to launch at a road bridge and kayak for...

Samurai Inflicts, Perfect
During the year our lives are ruled by work, family and more work. Throw into the mix my extensive tournament calender and we have little time to spare. But one of my favourite times of the year are our family holidays, a special time where I get...

Winter Redfin
by Brad Corrie The last few months for me have been nothing but work work work, I had the opportunity to go and fish a private dam on a mate’s property to scratch the fishing itch. The dam we fished was huge, and over 30m deep in some spots. We...

Samurai Infinites
Samurai were the first t to produce high end spin rods using K Series guides, camo grips on production run models and are always first to use any new and tested technology we believe will help anglers gain an advantage. The Samurai Infinites are...

Vic Bream Classic Nelson 2015 1st place.
by Dan Mackrell Leaving Colac late on the Thursday afternoon with a 3 hour drive in front of us Steve Parker and I had plenty of time to discuss what we thought the Glenelg River bream population would be up to. The curve ball being that we had...

Pelagic Power-Houses!
by Luke Galea It’s pretty rare these days to get a full weekend of awesome weather, good enough to venture offshore. The plan was to take the heavy popping gear and try our luck for a GT or two around some of the offshore pressure points. I had...

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