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Bouillettes, pellets, attractants, pop-ups, parfums ... L'entreprise est spécialisée dans la production de bouillettes. Toutes les bouillettes sont produites sur place à Nottingham en Angleterre.

URL du site : http://www.dynamitebaits.com/
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: 27-12-2013

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Andy Geldart wins Decoy Winter League Final
Dynamites Andy Geldart won the Decoy Winter League Final last weekend and it was a Dynamite one-two which Chris Barley finishing second.

Impressive result for Will in under 25's Wye Festival
Last weekend Will Mc Carnnor went to the river Wye at Hereford for the first ever under 25's Wye Festival sponsored by Diawa. It was a two day event and each angler had one day at Belmont and one day at Bartonshom. 

CompleX-T ...Available Now
CompleX-T ...Available Now

Dyson takes top spot in Heronbrook Winter League
Fishing for Maver Gold Dynamite's Andy Dyson takes top spot in this latest fourth round of the Heronbrook Individual Winter League at Heronbrook Fisheries

Early morning brace for Michael Stewart
White Chocolate & Coconut Cream did the business for Angling Direct's Michael Stewart as he got his weekend off to a great start...

Lovely scaly on CompleX-T gets Ash's season underway
It’s been a tough start to the year for Ashley James but a lovely scaly last weekend got his season underway.

Change has brought success
I was struggling in my 2016 season on my target venue, it seemed every time I went I had a disaster, but things were about to change.

CompleX-T ..."Don't hold back" video
CompleX-T..."Don't hold back"

Wraysbury Results on CompleX-T for Dave Williams
I first saw the CompleX-T whilst I was working with RK Leisure, it was the World Carp Classic UK Qualifier and Dynamite had a stand there. I was instantly impressed with the look and smell of the bait.

Dan Cleary - Winter Catches
As winter approached once again I turned my attention to a club water which poses a slightly better chance on producing than my chosen venue for the rest of the year. 

CompleX-T...don't hold back...
With our last bait by Terry Hearn (The Crave) being launched five years ago it was time to introduce a new premium bait that would sit right at the top of our bait tier.

Wayne Iszatt - Baiting Strategies
Bait application and the make up of my pre-baiting mix is a very important part of my angling and something I always put a great deal of thought into, it can really make the difference between a good season and a lean one.

Job Opportunities
Two new job opportunities - Dynamite Marketing Assistant and Carp Spirit/Dynamite Export Sales Manager. Find out more...

Iain Macmillian on Complex-T
I’ll be the first to admit I’m no bait buff; however I do trust the people that are.  So when I got my hands on some of the new Complex T from Dynamite it instantly grabbed not only my smell & taste buds, but my undivided attention to...

Ashley James lands new PB mirror
Ashley James just got back from his usual weekend trip down his local club water, but little did he know he would finally bank his four year target in the shape of a stunning 39lb 4oz mirror...

Dan Cleary lands 70lb Pears at Bluewater
Dan Clearly recently returned from a week-long trip Bluewater in France in what turned out to be a session he’ll remember forever…  

CompleX-T ...It's worth the wait
CompleX-T ...It's worth the wait

Enter the UK World Carp Classic Qualifier 2016 at Wraysbury 1
There is still time to register for the UK WCC Qualifier held at the iconic Wraysbury 1 this August (4th – 7th) You could win one of the last pairs of tickets (worth £1,275)

Stunner Alert for Jonny Fletcher
Jonny Fletcher lands a fish not caught for nearly 4 years...

Tough spell ends with success for Paul Codman
Paul Codman is finally off the mark! After several nights consisting of just a few small tench, his first proper fish of the summer has made an appearance!

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