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Bassday fabrique des leurres pour la pêche en mer et la pêche en eau douce. Le plongeant, le battement , la nage en font un leurre unique. Ce petit leurre dynamique est disponible en 6 couleurs. Gallerie photos. Blog de pêche.


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: 20-12-2013

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Bassday Sugarpens for Bass, Black magic!
As the weather starts to warm up again as we get closer to summer, the bass start to feed a lot more freely on the surface. With the increased temperature and humidity, many of the bass’ diet start to become more prevalent and start to appear...

Casting for Spanish Mackerel
by Dave McKenzie As we approach thewarmer weather, so too do we start to see the Spanish Mackerel show up on the Gold Coast. Truth be told, this year they never really left, but the numbers will certainly start to improve. Last season was...

Bass on Surface, Gorge fishing fun
by Mat Cameron With the lack of rain during late winter and spring, the bass have been very slow moving back up river from their spawning run. This lack of rain also means the water is gin-clear, so the bass can be very finicky and hard to tempt....

Getting the Most out of a Deep Bite
by Dan Mackrell Down here in ‘not so sunny’ Victoria the bream fishing in winter is in stark contrast to the conditions faced during the warmer months. Gone is the clear, warm water and with the cooler temperatures and increase in rainfall...

Cracking the code in Mallacoota SBS RD5
by Andrew Death Recently I was able to compete in the Southern Bream Series at the Mallacoota in East Gippsland Victoria. This was the first time I was been to this iconic water way. Mallacoota is home to some of the biggest black bream in the...

Changing Plans Delivers 1st at Ballina Marineland Bream Classic
by Zac Skyring Last weekend saw the annual Ballina Marineland Bream Classic held on the Richmond River. Our pre fish two days before had found very few quality fish in the lower reaches. The run in tide was producing extremely clear water so fish...

Vibing Schooled Bass
by Codie Stewart There are two main retrieves I do for Bass fishing, the first is just like using any other Vibe. Cast out and let the lure sink to the bottom, once on the bottom I start with short, sharp hops back to the boat. In between hops I...

Bassday Kangoku Vibe Fires Up Fussy Bream
by Zac Skyring I was blading on a sunken reef recently on the Richmond River. My sounder was showing promise with smatterings of good bream schools. I was using an Atomic Bladz in my favourite Muddy Prawn colour and was receiving a few tentative...

Bassday Bungy Cast, the Perfect Spinning Lure
by Barry Taylor Chasing pelagic species with lures is one the most exciting and visual ways to fish. At times however it can be very testing, pushing the angler to the limits of their knowledge to unlock the secret formula to get that...

Long Casts For Longtail
by Tristan Taylor Fellow Frogleys Offshore angler and good mate of mine, David Mckenzie, and myself recently made the trip to beautiful Hervey Bay to chase Longtail Tuna and to say the trip was a success would be an understatement. Between us we...

Thématique proche de Bassday

Artico - Canne da Pesca
Expérience, technologie et tradition caractérise les canne à pêche faites par Artic. La large gamme proposée sur le marché provient de l'utilisation de matériaux sophistiqués et fiables. La...
Cannes spécialisées pour la pêche du black-bass. Présentation du matériel et de la technologie, présentation de la gamme de cannes à peche. Nombreuse vidéos. Pro-team Airrus. Liste des...
VMC Pêche
Fabricant d'hameçons depuis presque un siècle.Toutes sortes d'hamçons pour toutes les pêches 
Backstabber Lures
Une gamme de crankbait, poissons nageurs pour la pêche en mer et la pêche en eau douce. Une large gamme de couleur. Liste des revendeurs, vente directe en ligne. Présentation des leurres, album photos et vidéos, articles...
Fabricant et distributeur de mono-filaments synthétiques de haute qualité. Présentation et descriptions détaillés de la gamme de fils de pêche et de la société. Catalogues à...
New direction
Une gamme de détecteurs de touche Bluetooth pour la pêche de la carpe. Vendu en coffret complet prêt à pêcher. Equipé d'une alarme anti-vol. Divers accéssoires diponibles, protection silicone, barre...
Tomic lures
Fabricant de leurres, poissons nageurs, poissons articulés, cuillers ... "Chaque Tomic Leurre est peint à la main et assemblés à un cahier des charges précis en utilisant les matériaux de la meilleure...
Baku Baits
Fabricant de leurres souplespour black bass, vers, lézards, écrevisses, grenouilles, poissons, hameçons et têtes plombéesCatalogue en ligne.
Ande Monofilament
Fil de pêche Ande. Présentation de la gamme des 8 sortes de fils de pêche (Tournament, Premium, Monster, Back Country, Fluorocarbon, Ghost, Leader Material, and Braid). Les records IGFA. Liste des revendeurs et vente en ligne....
Ima France
La référence pour le bar ! Poissons-nageurs pour l'eau douce et la mer. La pêche aux leurres version IMA. Leurres japonais IMA JAPANDistribution : SERT SAS



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