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Moulinets et divers accessoires de pêche au big game.
Fil, tresse, accessoire pour la pêche au gros ... Présentation des produits et de la société, blog de pêche, gallerie vidéos, support ...

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: 16-12-2013

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Circle Hook versus J Hook in Todays Fishing
Classic Circle hook   J hook Today’s fishing has so many different techniques and tackle used throughout the world, and people are always searching for the right terminal tackle to use, especially hooks. There is an ongoing controversy in...

Catch more Fish: Prior Planning for Proven Performance
This blog outlines preparation for a basic weekly trip. The size of the fish and tackle might change, but the general process of preparation for the trip is consistent. If you create a list, post it somewhere that you will see it while preparing...

Braid:Proven ways to attach braid to your spool
The fruits of the labor. Braid slippage means less reds landed and less table fare. Recently I was on a fishing trip here in southern California out of Long Beach on the sportfishing boat "Tornado" in a wide open rock fish bite. I was...

The Magic of a Wind On Leader
Wind on Leader put to the test. Growing up on the west coast and learning one day at a time on the party boats pushed us to do things better and simpler. Some of the first Long Range trips to the Revillagigedo Islands which included Clarion,...

Easy Reel Maintenance To Prolong The Life Of Your Reel
In this blog we will outline the proper way to care for your reels after your trips during the season. We receive several calls a week on the proper maintenance of reels after daily use. We will outline what we suggest that we have learned over...

The Ultimate Sportsman Show: Fred Hall Long Beach
Accurate Booth Fred Hall Long Beach The Fred Hall Long Beach show is right around the corner starting March 7 - 11th, 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Most of my adult life has been spent at sportsmen shows that focus on fishing,...

A Time for the Long Rod
Long rod in action on moving Yellowtail Here on the west coast we have a technique for casting poppers or surface iron to fish that are either finning, foaming on bait balls, or actively chasing bait on the surface. The key is to cast longer...

How to Stack Braid and Why?
With the introduction of braid by Russ Izor in the 80's, fishing as we know it changed drastically. With the diameter of the braided line being reduced significantly, many anglers started to realize the larger reels of yesteryear could either hold...

Accurate 14-Day American Angler Trip (Jan 10-24, 2018)
We returned from the 2018 Accurate 14-day trip on the American Angler with 141 yellowfin tuna, 11 over 200# and 8 wahoo.  We had fantastic sardine hook baits and great weather traveling down and during the 6 days of fishing.  Traveling home was...

The Details to Successful Fishing
People that do not spend time on the water have no idea the time that goes into a fishing trip. No matter if its on a day boat, multi day boat, or on your own boat if things are not somewhat organized the percentage of failure increases and the...

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