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Moulinets et divers accessoires de pêche au big game.
Fil, tresse, accessoire pour la pêche au gros ... Présentation des produits et de la société, blog de pêche, gallerie vidéos, support ...

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: 16-12-2013

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Accurate And George H.W. Bush – United By A Love Of Fishing
With the unfortunate passing of former president George H.W. Bush, we would like to share some interaction we had with him in something I think we all share and that is a love of fishing...   Years ago, my sons and I had the good fortune to meet...

Sept 2018 Calstar (Accurate/Izorline) 6-Day Red Rooster 3 Trip Report
Andy Cates took the Calstar sponsored 6-day trip to "the Ridge" area for 2-days of yellowfin tuna fishing.  On the way back, we stopped at San Pablo for yellowtail fishing.  The last day was spent kelp paddy hopping for Dorado and some...

American Angler July 2018 Accurate 5-Day Trip
We had a very successful Accurate sponsored 5-day trip on the American Angler.  This turned out to be a tuna, shark and whale watch trip (no extra charge for the whale watch).  We caught lots of yellowfin tuna, some great whites caught some of...

Poppers for Pelagics’: West Coast Tuna Tackle
Braid, Wind-on, and Lures. Blast off. Popper fishing for big tuna is something that has been practiced, the Northeast Bluefin fishery and the Gulf Yellowfin fishery have been focal points of the technique. Puerto Vallarta is another location that...

Form Follows Function: The Black Sea Bass Opener
    As I sit and type, my thoughts are almost exclusively of the opening day of Black Sea Bass. In New Jersey, this Sea Bass season is one of heated contention. It seems that a shift in fisheries management in this region has neighboring states...

Private Versus Sport Boat: Basic Tackle for the upcoming season.
Ready, set , go. Time to catch them up. The fishing season is right around the corner! With June one month away, it is time to start thinking about making sure we have the right tackle on the boat. While the specifics will vary depending on where...

Proper Fish Care for your Catch
One important part of fishing when you are planning on bringing home table fare is to know how to take care of your catch once it is on the boat. This blog will give you some ideas of how fishermen go through the process of proper fish care on the...

Circle Hook versus J Hook in Todays Fishing
Classic Circle hook   J hook Today’s fishing has so many different techniques and tackle used throughout the world, and people are always searching for the right terminal tackle to use, especially hooks. There is an ongoing controversy in...

Catch more Fish: Prior Planning for Proven Performance
This blog outlines preparation for a basic weekly trip. The size of the fish and tackle might change, but the general process of preparation for the trip is consistent. If you create a list, post it somewhere that you will see it while preparing...

Braid:Proven ways to attach braid to your spool
The fruits of the labor. Braid slippage means less reds landed and less table fare. Recently I was on a fishing trip here in southern California out of Long Beach on the sportfishing boat "Tornado" in a wide open rock fish bite. I was...

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