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Moulinets et divers accessoires de pêche au big game.
Fil, tresse, accessoire pour la pêche au gros ... Présentation des produits et de la société, blog de pêche, gallerie vidéos, support ...

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: 16-12-2013

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2019 June, Calstar 5-day Trip, American Angler
The 2019 5-day Calstar sponsored trip targeted bluefin and yellowtail.  Captain Ray Lopez put us on a lot of huge schools of BFT but most of the time they did not want to bite but boy did they fill up the sonar screen.   We saw lots of breezers...

Slow Pitch Jigging in South Florida/Dry Tortugas
Slow pitch jigging is a relatively new fishing technique pioneered in Japan that expands, and hyper-specializes, saltwater lure fishing.  Let’s not kid ourselves, jig fishing has been around for years and years, and the obvious question is...

Jig Rigging For Bluefin Tuna
Over the last 4 years anglers have developed many ways to catch the Bluefin that have become the go to target for the Southern California sportfishing fleet. The Yummy flyer, popper, surface iron, double trouble balloon rig, the sinker rig, the...

Accurate Tern Reels And Valiant Rods – A Winning Combination
Check out the Tern Reels here. Check out the Valiant Rods here. Fish with Bryan Zulka on the El Gato Dos. Original article courtesy of The BD Staff at BD Outdoors.            

Epic Kayak Fishing at Los Buzos Panama
Cubera snapper, black marlin, and monster roosterfish are some of the gnarliest fish in the ocean. There is no sport fisherman on earth that doesn’t have one or all of these fish on their bucket list. At Los Buzos, these are our specialty! After...

Time to Rock: Bottom Fish Basics
Time to Rock: Bottom Fish Basics    For years, bottom fishing has been a staple focus of coastal fishermen looking to load their freezers with excellent eating table fare. The innovation of braid and smaller, more efficient reels, has made this...

Accurate 14-day American Angler Trip (Jan 12-26, 2019)
We had another great time on the Accurate sponsored 14-day trip on the American Angler skippered by Ray Lopez.  We landed several good size tunas but really did well on the wahoo.  Most of the wahoo were in the 40# range.  There was a lot of...

Accurate Holiday Gift Buying Guide
Accurate Tern Reels The Tern is Accurate’s first ever star drag reel. Star drag reels are inherently lacking in the drag department. The creators of TwinDrag set out to make a TwinStarDrag and a new innovation was born. The first ever...

Accurate And George H.W. Bush – United By A Love Of Fishing
With the unfortunate passing of former president George H.W. Bush, we would like to share some interaction we had with him in something I think we all share and that is a love of fishing...   Years ago, my sons and I had the good fortune to meet...

Sept 2018 Calstar (Accurate/Izorline) 6-Day Red Rooster 3 Trip Report
Andy Cates took the Calstar sponsored 6-day trip to "the Ridge" area for 2-days of yellowfin tuna fishing.  On the way back, we stopped at San Pablo for yellowtail fishing.  The last day was spent kelp paddy hopping for Dorado and some...

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