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Moulinets et divers accessoires de pêche au big game.
Fil, tresse, accessoire pour la pêche au gros ... Présentation des produits et de la société, blog de pêche, gallerie vidéos, support ...

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: 16-12-2013

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2017 Los Cabo Tuna Tournament: Came to Play
That smile tells it all. Nothing like getting the monkey off your back right out of the gates. It was the second and last day of the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot. I had stopped Vaquera on the outer Gorda Bank to make our second drift chunking Humbolt...

The Coming of Braid.
A 30 lb Mono reel set up and the current 30 lb braid set up. What a difference. During the late 80's and early 90's a west coast fisherman named Russ Izor who later developed a company called Izorline found some of the first Spectra Fiber lines...

The Power of a Rod
Cousins Jig Rod loaded with a Mexican Yellowtail doing work with a FURY 600N picking up the line. The Power of a rod especially during a battle with a gamefish is the single most important factor to landing the fish. Without the pressure...

Go Fly A Kite: Kite Fishing in Todays fisheries
Go Fly A kite? Todays fisheries see increased boat pressure, more anglers looking for the fish of a lifetime, and fisheries we have not seen exist in our lifetime reemerging, people are looking for ways to increase their percentage for bites. With...

Looking back at Tuna Carnage on the FV Maximus. A Trip for the Ages.
Friday morning was a blurr trying to get all my stuff out the door while leaving my dog Chacho, and my wife Theresa in a nice warm bed and it was pouring buckets. Had to get myself down to Costa Mesa to pick up my fishing partner Sean...

Calstar 6-day, Red Rooster 3, Sep 22-28 2017
All the anxious anglers arrived early, loaded their gear on the Red Rooster 3 and took off an hour early.  We loaded up on a fantastic load of 6 inch sardines.  Andy Cates decided to take us to The Ridge so we had a travel day.  That gave us...

A Visit to White Island, New Zealand with Team Accurate.
  Ben with a Nice Kingie from White Island Jack Nilsen and myself just got back from visiting our friends at Decoro fishing Kane Tapper, Matt, and Trevor. The basis of the trip was also to spend some time out at White Island which is an active...

East Cape: The Paradise below the border. By Mark Rayor
Reflecting back to 1991 when Jen and I pulled up stakes from Southern California and moved to Buena Vista. Compared to today that time was like the stone age. There was only one phone in our little town and communication was very limited. No...

Lance Withee Mission Belle Charter, 15 August 2017
Lori learning knot tying from John Colins.   Lori demonstrating what she learned. Nice sweatshirt.   The gang reminiscing in the galley.   John Colins talking jigs with Matt Salas.   What ya got Tom?   John Colins was always hooked...

Destination Isla Cedros: Dave Marciano visits Bass Bonanza
A cedros Calico with the Hard Merchandise crew Friday morning came early after running around the previous day picking up the Hard Merchandise crew from LAX and getting them settled in San Clemente for a brief stay. Dave and Joe Marciano had made...

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Après des décennies de tests sur le terrain et une recherche en laboratoire, nous avons mis au point un leurre oscillante. Vibrations parfaitement équilibrés pour attirer les poissons prédateurs, une suite de...
Fabricant de leurres pour carnassiers. Jig, leurres souples, têtes plombées ... Keitech conçoit des leurres souples de qualité basés la connaissances de la pêche et de la maîtrise de la technologie de...
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