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Moulinets et divers accessoires de pêche au big game.
Fil, tresse, accessoire pour la pêche au gros ... Présentation des produits et de la société, blog de pêche, gallerie vidéos, support ...

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: 16-12-2013

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Rick Jensen Charter, Liberty, Nov 3-5, 2019
I was very fortunate to meet a great group of guys (assembled by Rick Jensen of SportfishingFinancial) for a 2-day charter trip on the Liberty out of Fisherman's Landing.  Taro Takeuchi is the owner/operator and he went the extra mile to get us...

October Moves – The NY/NJ Anglers Favorite Month
October is a magical month in the NY bight! The first thing anglers notice is that change in first light means sleeping later and fishing into the premature dark longer. The nights begin to chill, the day’s highs start in the 70's and struggle...

2019 Sep 20-26 Calstar 6-Day Red Rooster III Trip
We primarily fished Guadalupe Island on this 6-day trip.  It was a very good trip with 4 days of fishing at the island for 40# to 100# yellowfin tuna.  There were some loses to the great white sharks but overall we were able to get a majority of...

Fishing Destination Spotlight – Pacific Northwest (Ilwaco, Wa.)
This summer was a hot one.  At my house we had 30 days straight this summer over 100.  My garden looked a little bleak in late July, early August. Our local fishing has been great, and it is another fantastic year of Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin...

Super Clean Hollow Spectra Connection! – How To Tie The Nail Knot Finish
Hollow Braid Connections - Hollow to Solid/Hollow to Fluoro or Mono Connecting different types of fishing line can be a struggle for some anglers.  What knot do I tie?  How do I tie it? Fluoro, Mono, Braid to Braid….  Often times you would...

Accurate 5-day American Angler Trip; July 21-26 2019
We got off to a early start on the Accurate 5-day  trip with Ray Lopez at the helm.  We took a little bit of a boat ride to fish yellowtail first.  Then it was even further to fish the yellowfin.  We knew we were in the right spot since there...

2019 June, Calstar 5-day Trip, American Angler
The 2019 5-day Calstar sponsored trip targeted bluefin and yellowtail.  Captain Ray Lopez put us on a lot of huge schools of BFT but most of the time they did not want to bite but boy did they fill up the sonar screen.   We saw lots of breezers...

Slow Pitch Jigging in South Florida/Dry Tortugas
Slow pitch jigging is a relatively new fishing technique pioneered in Japan that expands, and hyper-specializes, saltwater lure fishing.  Let’s not kid ourselves, jig fishing has been around for years and years, and the obvious question is...

Jig Rigging For Bluefin Tuna
Over the last 4 years anglers have developed many ways to catch the Bluefin that have become the go to target for the Southern California sportfishing fleet. The Yummy flyer, popper, surface iron, double trouble balloon rig, the sinker rig, the...

Accurate Tern Reels And Valiant Rods – A Winning Combination
Check out the Tern Reels here. Check out the Valiant Rods here. Fish with Bryan Zulka on the El Gato Dos. Original article courtesy of The BD Staff at BD Outdoors.            

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Tubertini leader dans le domaine de la pêche sportive en mer et en eau douce. Cannes à pêche, moulinets, flotteurs, appâts et mono-filaments, outillages,divers accessoires, leurres, stations de pêche, amorçes,...
Falcon Graphite Rods, fabricants de cannes à pêche et de moulinets de fabrication américaine de haute qualité, offre une gamme complète de cannes pour la pêche des carnassiers  en d'eau douce et en mer....
ASTUCIT L'univers des carnassiers. Cannes à pêche, montures Drachkovitch, moulinets, accessoires du pêcheur, leurres, nylon. Galerie des produits, galerie photos de prise classées par poissons. Catalogues en ligne...
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Cuillèrs, Crankbaits, Swimbaits, leurres souples poissons nageurs et autres articles de pêche ... Pêche à la dandinette, jigs au lancer, à la traîne, sous la glace... Revue détaillés des...
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Buck Knives célèbre couteau de poche, pliant et fixe. Spécialement conçue pour le sport, le travail, la chasse, la pêche, le camping, la randonnée pédestre, la randonnée, l'escalade, la...
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Fabricant de jigs, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits ...Blog, album photos.Vente en ligne. 
Kryston est le leaders mondial dans bas de ligne spécialisés pour la pêche de la carpe. Descriptions détaillées et caractéristiques des différent produits, nylons, fluorocarbon, tresses, lestages......
Articles de pêche. Produits de haute qualité pour la pêche en mer et en eau douce.Moulinets cannes à pêche, accessoires ...Catalogue en ligne. 
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Fred Bailey avec sa vaste expérience de la pêche au gros (de détenteur du record du monde 1975) conçoit les leurres en utilisant ses compétences d'ingénierie et une connaissance approfondie de pêche...



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