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Moulinets et divers accessoires de pêche au big game.
Fil, tresse, accessoire pour la pêche au gros ... Présentation des produits et de la société, blog de pêche, gallerie vidéos, support ...

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: 16-12-2013
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How to Stack Braid and Why?
With the introduction of braid by Russ Izor in the 80's, fishing as we know it changed drastically. With the diameter of the braided line being reduced significantly, many anglers started to realize the larger reels of yesteryear could either hold...

Accurate 14-Day American Angler Trip (Jan 10-24, 2018)
We returned from the 2018 Accurate 14-day trip on the American Angler with 141 yellowfin tuna, 11 over 200# and 8 wahoo.  We had fantastic sardine hook baits and great weather traveling down and during the 6 days of fishing.  Traveling home was...

The Details to Successful Fishing
People that do not spend time on the water have no idea the time that goes into a fishing trip. No matter if its on a day boat, multi day boat, or on your own boat if things are not somewhat organized the percentage of failure increases and the...

The Right Reel for the Job.
Fishing in the last ten to fifteen years has evolved by leaps and bounds from where it once was with big reels and monofilament line that was the go to set up. Todays tackle with the adoption of braided lines has taken what we perceived as a...

Know your Knots: Key to catching fish
The right Knots help land fish of a lifetime. This 256 lb yellowfin is the perfect example for Team Accurate. The attention to detail in daily life helps all of us moving forward to succeed in obstacles we face everyday. The whole adventure of...

Sometimes a little inside knowledge helps The largest tuna weighed 424.6 pounds, topping the current IGFA record of 385-pounds, 12 ounces by a click less than 40 pounds flanked by Tony Winkler and angler Jorge Lazo. When commercial fishermen on...

West Coast Winter Time fishing
Once October and November roll around in the year the pressure on coastal as well as Island fishing tends to disappear. Many of the anglers look towards the spring-summer months to really get after the gamefish but miss some of the best fishing...

Gift Ideas for the Angler in your Family
The Holidays are upon us and people are looking for the right gift for their loved ones. Looking for a good gift to tell your wife you need or your son that is a fishing fanatic? Here are some good gift ideas for your favorite angler. The amount...

The Mechanics of a Good Drag
One of the most important features on a reel is the drag which gives you the ability to regulate the amount of line coming off the reel and at what speed. Being a reel manufacturer we have studied reel drags from the very beginning of our journey...

The New Accurate BV2-800/800N lever drag reels are here for Black Friday Release
Accurate Fishing has introduced new BV2-800 and BV2-800N two-speed lever drag reels to its popular Valiant series. Built for offshore trolling and live-bait fishing with 80-pound-test braid, both reels boast the rugged construction and raw power...

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