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Bivvy Tube est un site de pêche gratuit qui offre des centaines d'heures de vidéos de pêche de la carpe. Bivvy Tube diffuse les meilleures vidéos carpe de pêche provenant de sites tels que YouTube, Vimeo et DailyMotion. Mis à jour chaque semaine avec de nouvelles vidéos ...


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Les mots clés thématiques associés au site sont : Koï, Carpe commune (Cyprinus carpio), Amour blanc (Ctenpharyngodon idella)


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: 09-11-2015

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Crystal Waters France, Crystal Waters Review
Crystal Waters is a proper big fish water around 4 hours from Calais. The lake itself is around 25 acres in size with 2 large islands, with depths varying from 4-24 feet. The stock of fish in this place is incredible with absolutely loads of...

Les Etangs de Chantereine France, Etang de Chantereine Review
So the time had come to make our yearly crossing of the channel, to fish a relatively unknown stock of carp in the hope of landing a French whacker. Our chosen destination this year was Les Etangs de Chantereine in France, having seen some of the...

Sky Lake France, Sky Lake Review & Videos
Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many venues across France. Sky Lake is one of the better known French carp fisheries, run by Andy, Bernie and Rob Morton. Situated in the Marne Valley, a well-known region to seasoned...

Whatever next?… A marker float that streams underwater footage to your mobile!
There is no doubt about it, the landscape of Carp Fishing has changed dramatically since i first started angling over 20 years ago. Whether it has changed for better or worse is a hot topic of conversation, if my Granddad were alive today he would...

Abbey Lakes in France, Abbey Lakes Review
Since our first trip to France in August 2011, a group of friends from Stoke on Trent have embarked on our annual trip to France for a weeks carp fishing. In 2012 Abbey Lakes was our destination, here is my account of our trip and a review of the...

A big THANK YOU from the Bivvy Tube team.
We would like to say a huge thank you to all the people that have helped launch Bivvy Tube over the last month. We are exactly 1 month old today and we are overwhelmed by the popularity of our platform. We now have over 4000 Facebook likes, over...

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