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Une gamme complète de matériel et accessoires de pêche.
Pêche au big game, pêche à la mouche, pêche des carnassiers. Ensembles de pêche, cannes, moulinets, nylons et tresses, leurres souples, poissons nageurs, float tube, divers accessoires, waders, habillement, bagagerie, montage de mouche ...

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Les mots clés thématiques associés au site sont : VPC, Big Game Fishing, Vente par correspondance, Leurres souples, Poisson nageur


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: 30-12-2013

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Burns Guide Services
Now Offering Guide Services!   Get to know your guide:I have been fishing for 35 years and fly fishing since the age of 8 on the Southern California coast and in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have done both inshore and offshore fishing and...

Amundson Outdoors
Burns Fishing Supplies is proud to announce our partnership with Amundson Outdoors, a designer and manufacturer of superior quality fishing rods, reels, tackle and accessories, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. In business since 2006,...

Kitsap-Olympic Chapter of TROUT UNLIMITED proudly presents a special screening of the film WILD REVERENCE
Kitsap-Olympic Chapter of TROUT UNLIMITED proudly presents a special screening of the film WILD REVERENCE on Saturday, January 31st at 7:00 pm. Advance tickets are on sale for $25. LIMITED SEATING AVAILABLE!  Any remaining tickets (if any) will...

  Keith in action on stageKeith Scott, singer, guitarist, songwriter and avid fly fisherman had the opportunity to spend several weeks in Washington in February.  Keith is one of Chicago's most vibrant blues musicians who, for 20+ years has...

Ryan Hartley - Junior Pro Staff
Ryan Hartley, Junior Pro Staff, with a nice Georgia rainbow trout that he caught.He used a Guideline EXP3 5-weight fly rod equipped with a Guideline Haze V2 fly reel and a green sculpin-pattern. Available at Burns Fishing Supplies.

Coastal Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout
Here is a picture of a nice coastal sea-run cutthroat trout caught out of Hood Canal while fishing for early Coho salmon. This fish bit a small Puglisi minnow. These fish are always a fun bonus to catch even when targeting other species. Look for...

Fishing Trip to Seiku, Washington
We had a great fishing trip to Sekiu, Washington last August. My nephews Grant, Campbell, and Gavin were in from Hawaii. Chris Taylor from Trout Unlimited Chapter 383 President and a member of the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife...

Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group
This smolt trap is used to count outwardly migrating salmonid species, such as ocean-run coastal cutthroat trout, steelhead, Coho or Silver salmon, Chum and King salmon. Pictured in this photo are an Evergreen College/Hood Canal Salmon...

Fishing at Salsbury Park, Kitsap County
In August, I took my nephew Gavin who was visiting from Hawaii, fishing at Salsbury Park.  The fish were biting on spoons, buzz bombs, and whole herring. We caught two fish on whole herring and one fish on a Luhr-Jensen teardrop spoon in...

Battle Point Pond Stocking on Bainbridge Island
Trout Unlimited Chapter 383 in partnership with the Bainbridge Island Fly Fishers stocked Bainbridge Island's Battle Point Park's Pond. We accomplished two stockings on two separate days. Each stocking consisted of about 250 German brown trout...

Cast 4 Kids
 On June 15, Bainbridge Fly Fishers, Trout Unlimited Chapter 383, Kitsap Poggie Club, and the Girl Scouts of America hosted, in conjunction with Cast 4 Kids - a kids fishing day at Island Lake in Kitsap County, Washington.  Each participant was...

Trout Unlimited Stream Restoration Project
Burns Fishing Supplies' Junior Pro Staff and TU Member, Ryan Hartley and his brother Myles. Here with friends participating in a Trout Unlimited stream restoration project to help protect native brook trout. 

Fly Fishing Camp
This summer each Georgia TU chapter sent two kids to Fly Fishing Camp. Burns Fishing Supplies' Junior Pro Staff and TU Member, Ryan Hartley and his brother Myles were able to attend. At camp they learned techniques for fly fishing and fly tying. ...

Steelhead Redd Pumping Project
Here working with the Pacific North West Salmon Center, Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group, and NOAA on an ongoing steelhead redd pumping project. We are pumping steelhead eggs in the Dewatto River in an attempt to distribute steelhead eggs in...

Stocking of the Chattahoochee River
 Junior Pro-Staff Member Ryan Hartley and his friend had the chance to participate in the bucket stocking of the Chattahoochee River outside Atlanta, Georgia with the Upper Chattahoochee chapter of Trout Unlimited. This year he plans on...

Educational Release of Chum Salmon Fry
                                                             On Monday, March 25 we did an educational session with the 3rd grade students from Poulsbo Elementary. We released chum salmon fry that they raised from...

Spring Clearance Sale
Burns Fishing Supplies Spring Clearance Sale All Eagle Claw and Wright & McGill products are now on the Specials section at dealer prices. The discount is 50% or more. The category pages still have the retail prices so you can compare the...

Hoh River
The weekend of November 10 and 11, I fished the Hoh River on the Olympic Peninsula. Fishing was good. Caught a lot of Mountain White Fish up in the fly fish only area on pegged eggs with an adjustable indicator above. Fished lower in the river...

Olympic Peninsula
 On November 2 and 3, I went to the Olympic Peninsula with friends from Trout Unlimited and checked out the Sol Duc River. Didn't see any fish rolling. The river was fairly clear, about 2-1/2 feet of visibility. Good level, not too high, but no...

Coho's at Sekiu, Washington
Here's one of the nice Coho's caught at Sekiu, Washington, on August 20. This a great spot to fish on the Olympic Peninsula. Even though King season is closed there, the Coho are biting very strong right now. On our boat with 3 people over a 2 day...

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